Conscious Fashion

Thus this is beginning of the high end conscious jewelry brand. Similar to the wind and water we will bring out every single shine of each and every product we produce. One of our values is to put our souls into creating a single product, so the person who is wearing it would feel the authentic handmade creation, made in Los Angeles, where the company is born. Gemstones are gorgeous creations of nature; taking thousands, if not millions of years to form. They have played an important role in human history and have regularly been used as talismans and amulets throughout time. Many cultures have placed distinct meanings and characteristics on the various gemstones. In fact, cultures, very different from each other, have come up with the same meaning for many of the gemstones. It is amazing how powerful and important these gifts of nature are and how helpful they can be for you. Nowadays, gemstones have continued to be known for the healing energy that they radiate. When people are exposed to these gemstones, they help with many things. It includes but not limited to improving health, harmonizing the heart and mind, gaining emotional fulfillment and increasing concentration. People should take advantage of this and let nature’s energy generators nurture them.

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